Who we are

A friend in Asia!

Dear Friends and Travellers,
welcome to EasyAsia site.

I’m Uyen, a Vietnamese who did her passion for travel first a hobby and second a profession.

I traveled in all the South East Asia Countries, in Europe and in Italy in particular, along with Kim, my young daughter, and my husband, a European tourism professional.

My husband, with his many years of experience in tourism, helped me with advice and tips, to create this site addressed to those who want to travel in this fascinating region composed of many Countries and some of the major river basins of the world: Vietnam, Cambodia , Laos, Thailand all countries connected by the Mekong, Myanmar and the Irrawaddy River, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, …

Here some of the most fascinating civilizations have developed, over the centuries, here live minorities who are their heirs and that maintain their traditions alive.
There are still vast wilderness areas, covered by dense jungles, where a rich fauna of unique and rare species lives.
The natural environments retain an exotic charm while hypermodern metropolis of the region are the contrast to archaeological sites, among the greatest of human civilizations: Angkor, Pagan, Champasak, Ayutthaya, My Son, Borobudur to mention only some of the most famous archaeological sites.

If you want information, suggestions, contacts with local tour operators do not hesitate to write to me, will be with great pleasure that I will answer

Xin chào