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Due to the fact that we live in Vietnam we have more detailed and competent information on this country but for any country in the region you are interested in, do not hesitate to write to us and we will provide you with the requested information.

All the information reported on the site and, in particular that in this chapter, refer to the regulations in force before Covid-19.
Since March 2020 all visas have been suspended and at the moment it is not known how, once the Covid-19 emergency is over, the various governments will restore the visa regulations.

Having said that before Covid-19:

Given that for a short stay, up to a maximum of 15 Days / 14 Nights, citizens of many European Countries, could enter Vietnam without visas (in force applicable until 30 June 2016 and of which it is unknown whether will extend the validity) we cater to people who want to spend a longer period in Vietnam.

The easiest way is the demand for a tourist visa which can be obtained on arrival in Vietnam submitting your passport, two passport photos and a copy of the authorization to the granting of visas issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam (With a travel agezia or online).
The tourist visa can be applied for a maximum period of 3 months extendable in Vietnam for another 3 months.

If the visa is Single (at lower cost) expires at the first exit from Vietnam, if the visa is a Multiple one (at a higher cost) allows you to enter and exit Vietnam an unlimited number of times during the validity period of the visa itself.
On expiry of the three months, or 6 months in case of extension, you must exit from Vietnam, even with a short trip to a neighboring country, such as Thailand (granting a visa up to 1 month for free) and return requiring a new 3 month visa.

The multiple tourist visa is granted upon payment of a fee of about 70 USD plus some administrative costs that vary from agency to agency.

I) Cave - Vietnam

I) Cave – Vietnam

IMPORTANT: Being citizen of a Country where is based a Vietnamese Embassy, ​​the visa should be requested through the local Vietnamese Embassy, ​​prior to departure.
The cost is higher and, in fact, does not appear that this rule is enforced.

Longer visas, six months or one year, are granted for business purposes, in case you have an activity officially registered in Vietnam.

The visa exemption (lasting five years) is granted to wifes and husbands of Vietnamese citizens.
In any case the persons in possession of “Visa Exemption” must, every 3 to 6 months, depending on the stamp placed at the entrance in Vietnam, or go out for a short time (as little as one day) or get a stamp Immigration Office responsible for the town where they live.

The residence is granted only for work / business and it is very complex to get it.

This information may not be complete because the regulations are subject to changes and revisions.

We advise you to check their accuracy at the Embassy of Vietnam in your Country

Other countries such as Thailand and Cambodia have different regulations.

Thailand, among other opportunities, grants a visa for 1 year renewable residence of

G) Koh Antong National Marine Park - Thailand

G) Koh Antong National Marine Park – Thailand

being able to demonstrate that they have a deposit at a Thai bank to 800,000 THB (about 20,000 Euro)
More information at the local Thai Embassy website

Cambodia instead quite easily grants, and at a cheap cost, work visas for 1,3,6, 12 months, renewable on site.
Visas from 6 and 12 months have seen multiple multiple-entry in Cambodia, as part of validity of the visa itself.

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