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Living in Asia with EasyAsia!

The last 30 years technology has fundamentally changed the way we communicate, and now the opportunity to live and, if you are still in productive age, to work, in another part of the world, maintaining daily relationships with family, friends, colleagues and clients, it is available to everyone at no cost or at infinitesimal costs.

With a computer or smartphone connected to Internet, you can talk, see and be seen, to exchange documents, do banking and commercial transactions, watching Western TV and read your favorite newspaper, …
Not to mention the fact that even the most incurable Western food nostalgic will find his favourite national food in one of the many restaurants (run by true Westerns) and in supermarkets are available the specialties of each national cuisine…

Increasing the physical presence in a place will be less necessary.

Hoi An - Vietnam

F) Hoi An – Vietnam

Why then living in Europe when there are countries that, for climate, life cost and quality, plus many other reasons can offer so much more?

We cater especially to retired people who now, in many cases, in European countries have pensions which lead to considerable reductions in life quality.

With a 1000 Euro pension, or a little more, it is not easy to live a dignified life while there are places in the world where, with less, you can be considered wealthy.

Obviously there are many issues to be considered: for example, the level of security, the chances of qualified medical care, climate and the level of quality of life, …

Southeast Asia, a region that, for both the Confucian philosophy, which educates the younger generation to respect the elderly, both for religious tolerance, so rare in other areas of the world, it is certainly a place where to be elderly and Western is certainly easier.

In the following chapters we will thoroughly analyze the prospects offered to those who want to move to live in South East Asia, particularly in Vietnam, one of the countries where this type of transfer is simpler.

But they are evaluable other destinations and we can also provide assistance to those who think of trasferirisi other countries of the region: Thailand, Cambodia, …

For information and contact chiarivi the ideas and we will talk you about the experience of the Westerns retired who have preceded you.

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