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EasyAsia offers comprehensive advice on tourist services covering both the geographic region of reference, Southeast Asia, the different desires and needs of travelers, tourists, residents, …

Trips to South East Asia, the first section of this folder, refer to the more traditional tourist services in the countries of the region.
Services provided directly and without intermediaries, from local operators, DMC (Destination Management Companies) specialized in incoming tourism in their countries.

P) Emperor Minh Mang Tomb - Hue - Vietnam

P) Emperor Minh Mang Tomb – Hue – Vietnam

Are the same operators providing receptive services to the Western Tour Operators, they have a through knowledge of the Wstern customers, the have local guides in most of the Western languages, they can assist their customers directly and in their own language.
Often these companies are founded by Western expatriates living in the visited country.
You will have the advantage of buying directly from DMC, avoiding all brokerage costs which may include one or more steps, each of which includes commissions that make the final price higher.

Residence in South East Asia, the second section, is addressed to people planning to move to live in South East Asia to spend long periods (weeks, months, entire seasons, years …) and who need to find locally appropriate services (rental / purchase housing, completion customs and administrative formalities, information on medical cares and insurance coverage, rental / purchase of vehicles, bureaucratic / administrative complexity of Western regulations on transfer of residence abroad, …).
It is specifically addressed to retired people who might want to live in a region with a very low crime rate, very little violence, a good climate and excellent cuisine, where the cost of living is about 20/30% of the living cost in Europe or in the USA, where the quality of medical services, in private hospitals, is at the level of the best Western medical centers.

Accessible Tourism, the third section is specifically designed for people with disabilities (especially persons with visual impairments and mobility impairment) who intend to travel or move to live in South East Asia.
EasyAsia has close relations with, the leading Western portal for accessible tourism, which from more than 20 years ago makes possible accessible tourism all over Europe to thousands of people with serious mobility & autonomy reductions.
We are able to make you travel with as much as possible comfort in many countries in the region.

Tourism in Hoi An, the fourth section is devoted to the town where I live, one of the jewels of Vietnam: Hoi An.
Located in the central Vietnam region, along the banks of the river and 4 km from the sea, Hoi An has a warm climate, but tempered by breezes and winds that come from the sea and along the river.

Hoi An - Vietnam

F) Hoi An – Vietnam

The ideal geographical and climatic situation adds that Hoi An has retained its old charm.
It escaped unscathed from the war and it has, the only town in Vietnam, a wide pedestrian area where only bicycles can circulate.
It is only 30 km from Da Nang, Vietnam’s third largest city, with an international airport and excellent medical facilities.
It has a cosmopolitan tourism and many Western restaurants.
An ideal place for accommodation, tours and excursions.
In this section all that Hoi An has to offer the tourist and resident.

I hope that the site is complete but for each request on topics to which you will not find an answer please feel free to write.

Xin chào!