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Hoi An your Home!

Hoi An is certainly the best choice for a long-term residence in Vietnam.

With about 120,000 inhabitants, the city retains an antique look, protected by UNESCO that considers it one of the small town that are part of the world heritage.
His past as Vietnamese Empire commercial port meant that for centuries has been the trade base between the whole of Indochina and major maritime and commercial powers of China, Japan, the Netherlands and other European countries.
This past has enriched the unique monuments, including a rare example of Japanese bridge, which is the most important Hoi An monument.

The town, built at the mouth of the Thu Bon River, just a few kilometers from the sea also, is authentic rarity in Vietnam with its wide pedestrian area.
Hundreds of shops and small restaurants as well as a cosmopolitan traffic, make the life in its streets particularly pleasant to foreigners that elect it to their residence.

C) Hoi An - Vietnam - Fishing in Thu Bon River

C) Hoi An – Vietnam – Fishing in Thu Bon River

To reside for long periods exist 3 possible alternatives:
1) Home Stay:
Living in a “Home Stay”, that is a private house with rooms, each with its private bathroom, and sometimes kitchenette, negotiating an acceptable rent that may even include breakfast.
2) House rental:
Rent a furnished house, usually a house of a couple of floors, can be a suitable solution for the stay of those who have a visa by at least 3 months.
If the residence is for very long periods it could be interesting to rent a house not fitted and and furnish it.
3) To buy a house:
The last alternative is to buy a house.
The conditions can be interesting when compared to western costs but the operation can present problems from an administrative point of view and so you have to be really motivated.

Hoi An - Vietnam

Early morning on the river crossing the town – Hoi An – Vietnam

Option 1: it is within reach of anyone.
Option 2: is for those who have a visa by at least 3 months.
Option 3: is for those who have decided to do in Vietnam and Hoi An, their new home for an unlimited time and possibly even start here an economic activity.
EasyAsia can help you find the solution that best suits your needs, write us to:

In addition to housing it is generally necessary a vehicle although, living in Hoi An, everything is just a walk or still available by Taxi (metered) or motorcycle taxi (cheap by be sure to negotiate the price in advance) .

Also in this case there are 3 solutions:
1) Bicycle:
Hoi An is one of the few places in Vietnam where cycling is possible and, for the pedestrian area, essential.
Each guest house as well as dozens of shops rent bicycles while there are some stores that sell models with gear.
The price for a new bicycle range from 500,000 VND (25 USD) to several million VND.
2) Motobike / Scooter:
The most popular vehicle in Vietnam.
Also here you can rent or purchase.
For a foreigner to buy can be complicated and above all it would be necessary to translate his license in Vietnamese.
The helmet is required and we recommend you picking one from your country.
The cost of a new scooter runs from about 700 / 800 USD to several thousand USD depending on the brand and model.
Most of them are japanese (Honda, Yamaka,…) Korean, Chines but the most desired is the Vespa Piaggio, a real status symbol!
The traffic is very congested and, normally, no rule is respected!
At first this could be quite shocking but you’ll get used to, if you’ll survive! πŸ™‚
3) Car:
Here the question becomes really problematic.
Cars are taxed for 100% of the value of import and thus have a cost that the vast majority of the Vietnamese can not possibly afford.
Also the traffic is congested by an improbable number of scooters passing everywhere, making life a nightmare for car drivers.
Personally I suggest you do not rent or buy a car but use a taxi or a car with driver, if there was a need.

Xin chΓ o!