Assistance for Residents

Always by your side!

If you choose to live in Vietnam, in Hoi An, for a shorter or longer period we can assist you for most of your needs.

Also for other locations, both in Vietnam and in other Asian countries, we can assist you to help you find solutions and solve the problems that every expat faces and that we ourselves have faced in the past.

Covid-19 has complicated a lot of procedures that were already complex enough and, above all, suspended the activities related to the granting of visas and residence permits.
Now we are all waiting for Covid-19 to be an unpleasant memory and the world to restart.

For Vietnam:
Some points (1 and 2) we have already discussed:
1) Search for accommodation in Hoi An.
2) Rental or purchase of a vehicle.

Other possible fields in which we attend are:

3) Legal support for the various paperwork related to the renewal and extension of the visa requirement and the practices associated with the request of residence.

4) Assistance in bureaucratic and administrative practices associated with the start of a professional activity or the opening of a business (restaurant, guest house, travel agency or any other business or profession)

5) Assistance in case of need of medical assistance with the recruitment of specialists and the facilities required, assistance through personnel who acts as an interpreter with the medical and paramedical staff for the management of medical emergencies, periodic health examinations and examinations conducted doctors in medical facilities, …

6) Assistance in normal daily tasks connected with the signing of contracts for the supply of utilities, but also shopping (especially in traditional markets), enrollment in language courses for foreigners, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment and software, …

7) Finding the service staff for the daily management at any level: maids, cooks, gardeners, chauffeurs, …

8) Personal assistance is provided for persons with physical disabilities, visual impairments, and other types of personal needs …

In relation to paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 6 the assistance will be provided through personal assistants, usually English speakers, who will assist, both by phone and in person when necessary, accompanying and helping in the performance of each task may face.

The assistance referred to in point 8 may be provided at different levels, including the provision of professional nurses.

Making use of professionals, including the possibility, if necessary, assist in legal, administrative, fiscal and medical.

Also possible are customized service agreements.
Xin Chào!