Accessible Tourism

Asia 4 All in wheelchair too!

Very few travel companies in the world can boast an experience, however small, connected with the “Accessible Tourism”, a technical term referring to the specially developed tourism services for people with disabilities.

EasyAsia can do this because, since its origins, has developed contacts with

Thailand accessible van

AccessiblEurope (, one of the few European entities which, for over 20 years, dealing with accessible tourism, mainly intended for persons with reduced mobility but also to visually impaired or blind people and deaf people.

These contacts have enabled us to select the best accessible accommodation facilities with easy access for people using wheelchair and transport services used by the same type of customers.

It is often asked if the South East Asia is “accessible” to the level to which European countries and the USA may be accessible.

The answer is not a simple and unique one.

Singapore – Accessible transport

There are countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali (Indonesia) where there are accommodations equipped with accessible rooms (with Western standards) and where fitted with hydraulic or ramps transport platform vehicles are avalable.
In these cases also tourists with big power wheelchairs could spend accessible holidays.
In these countries, although in general the accessibility is at levels below the Western countries, it is still in the good and acceptable levels for most travelers with special needs.

In Thailand i.e, in a city on the seaside, there is a complex of 2 villas

Room with hoist

overlooking a pool, which is one of the most accessible residential structures in the world.
Each villa has 2 bedrooms, each equipped with medical beds with 3 movements, electric lift and bathroom both standard and accessible ones.
The pool between the two villas is accessible through a hoist and features Jacuzzi platform for hydrotherapy.
The property has its own accessible van, rentable by customers.

Other countries such as Vietnam or Cambodia have limited accessibility and may only be suitable for people who use a manual wheelchair (foldable), even better if these people have a minimum of residual mobility that allows them to move to a seat or a chair in the bathroom.

Pool with hoist

In any case in all countries of South East Asia is available staff who can help people with disabilities in gaining access to transportation vehicles and tourist attractions in the presence of some barrier.

For the blind and visually impaired there is no problem since they can be easy to put retrieved carers who speak English.

For people who are deaf are available guides who speak sign language.

For any request please contact us precisandoci exactly your needs and your desires.
We will give you a realistic and clear answer on accommodation and transport we can offer relatively the accessibility you need.
Xin Chào!